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"Just wanted to say Thanks! for training all of the sales teams this week.  There's not too many people that will drop everything, change their daily scheduled events, and train our entire four sales channels...and genuinely smile all the way through it!  Thanks again!" 

Mike Miller, Retail Sales Manager, Aerial Communications

About Us


Our mission is to help individuals and businesses deliver technical content clearly by training them and their teams or by delivering the content ourselves for the customer.


Artechulation is a concept of Marquis Mobile Solutions which was incorporated in February of 2007.  At its founding, Marquis provided training and technical support to approximately 100 wireless sales locations in 6 states.  Marquis also provided wireless data consulting and support to businesses of all sizes.  In June of 2011, Marquis Mobile Solutions was contracted to provide sales training for IUSACELL, a national wireless carrier in Mexico.  That opportunity lead to the development of Artechulation in March of 2012.


Mark JenkinsMark Jenkins, founder of Marquis Mobile Solutions and Artechulation, began helping people understand technology as a college student in 1985 when he helped write campus software manuals and toured the country speaking about smartcard technology.  Mark's speech on smartcard technology garnered him invitations to 2 national speech championships and job offers from the country's leading smartcard companies. 

Over the next 20 years Mark honed his technical communication skills with SmartCard International, Radio Shack Computer Centers, Egghead Software, Epson, US Robotics, T-Mobile and other forward thinking technology companies.  Mark's roles in those firms grew from Administrative Assistant to Retail Sales Manager to Sales Engineer to Director, Technical Solutions.  In that time, Mark worked with customers ranging from consumers to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and the Federal Government.

In 2007, Mark decided to put those years of experience and education to work with his own company, Marquis Mobile Solutions, Inc..  Marquis Mobile Solutions provides consulting, administration and training for mobility based solutions, including BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  Marquis has extensive experience with enterprise level solutions including BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Exchange Server ActiveSync.

Today, Mark continues to help individuals and businesses understand how they can improve their verbal communication as an entrepreneur, writer and public speaker.  Mark's writing has been featured in Smartphone and Pocket PC Magazine, Computer Reseller News, Computer Retail Week, and Entrepreneur Magazine.  Mark has also contributed to several articles in Twin Cities Business Monthly and "Mobile Advertising: The Next Big Thing Hasn’t Arrived" for the Newspaper Association of America.  Mark has guest lectured at universities, been a featured speaker and panelist at several technology seminars, addressed civic functions and spoken at several corporate events.